who i am

I am a tattoo-addicted, foul-mouthed, whiskey drinking, adrenaline junkie with a love for art. I have a loud personality, I love fiercely & am forever loyal to all the good people in my life. I was born & bred in Northwestern Ontario which is still my home base. I'm a city girl living in a small town, & I never say no to an adventure as nothing fuels my fire more than travelling. I'm 20-something years old and doing my dream job for a living. Life truly doesn't get much better than being given the privilege to document someone's story. To freeze time is an act of magic and it's my version of art, the way I hope to leave my own tattoo on this world. 

For those of you who don't know me my full name is Hannah Francis Edie.

I am unapologetically myself because there is no one else I'd rather be.

I love being spontaneous & will never say no to popcorn (if I could solely survive on this shit I would). I'm obsessed with my little family consisting of my fur baby Enzo & lover boy Justis, we are the definition of the three musketeers. I love a good party & if the tunes are flowing I'll stay on the dance floor until closing time. Let's be best friends, get tipsy on patios, dance on tables, & be extras as fuck 24/7

My favourite word is fuck

my details

• saying fuck a lot
• listening to the same song on repeat for hours
• will rarely do the dishes
• drinks too much peach iced tea
• dog obsessed

some of my quirks


The most hard-working man I've ever known & where my middle name comes from. He showed me that love is about the little things in life, how my Mimi would always make his breakfast, how he taught me how to tie a bow tie for my senior prom, or how he would drive endless hours to always support me. Life's too short to only focus on the bright shiny stars, I'm all about everything, the tears, the mess, the smiles, it's real, it's raw, it's life. 

This business is a dedication to my grandfather 


I shot my first wedding & became addicted

August 8 2020

Hannah Francis Photography was born

January 15 2020

I purchased my camera & fell in love with photography

October 4 2019

Justis's & my first date at Dq

May 17 2019 

Love child (AKA ME) is born

November 12 1998

Mom & Dad get married & it snowed for good luck

November 19 1983

Mimi & Pappa get married

May 28 1960

Nana & Grandpa get married

OCT 20 1956

Love life timeline

let's make some fucking magic together!